Can a bad hotel ruin your vacations?

As every traveller may know, there are two main aspects that have to be planned before going on adventure; transportation and lodging. Some may say that is also important to plan where to go, where to it, how to move around the place we are visiting and so on. But while you can improvise with the latter things (in fact, you can enjoy far more when not everything is planned), it is not very advisable to do it with the former, especially if you travel during holidays or if the place you are visiting always crowded or has very few lodgings.

Nowadays it is also very difficult to find cheap and good options for transportation if you don’t book your tickets in advance. That depends on destinies and dates, but you will hardly find the plane ticket you want if you try to buy it with less than a month before your trip.

When planning your trip, you have plenty of choices regarding transportation and lodging. Some travellers prefer to save as much as they can in transportation, especially when it comes to plane tickets. They use those savings to pay a nice and comfortable lodge, may it be a cosy bed and breakfast in Dublin or one of the five stars “hoteles en Zihuatanejo” (just thought about that because in went to those places on my last two trips).

I have also met people who don’t care much about staying at an all-inclusive hotel, with the best services and facilities. They say that it makes no sense to pay for such luxuries, if you intend to spend much of your time outside, going to interesting and beautiful places in the city that you decided to visit.

That sounds really logic to me. You don’t need spa, room service or TV with cable if you plan only to sleep, have showers and breakfast and keep your things safe at the hotel. Nevertheless, if your lodging has a very poor quality, it can really keep you from totally enjoying your trip.


Here are some ways in which a bad hotel can ruin your vacations:

  • It is surrounded by bars and night clubs. That sounds great if you love to party, but definitely not good if you actually plan to sleep.
  • The quarter where it is located is not very safe. Even if the lodging has a good surveillance, an unsafe environment will discourage you from going out at night or staying out late when you are really enjoying.
  • It has not a good hygiene. Don’t panic, but flees, bugs and other plagues and deceases can actually be gotten at an unhygienic lodging.
  • Nothing works properly at the facilities. Imagine having a cold shower during your winter vacations or no shower at all during a summer heatwave. Those and other terrible things can happen if the place where you stay is about to fall apart.
  • The staff is rude or inefficient. Probably you will have very few occasions to deal with the hotel staff but it is really discouraging when you need something to be done or solved and you just don’t get any help.

Luckily, you don’t have to spend a great amount to avoid those and other problems. There are plenty of affordable options; you just need to do some research.

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Tips to Avoid Jetlag

Travelling abroad is a wonderful experience; not only because it gives you a great conversation topic, which can turn you into the centre of attention for a long while, but mainly because it makes your life richer.

Visiting different countries fills you with experiences, views and memories, helps you to make friends and leads you to understand lifestyles and ways of thinking that may differ from yours, but that are equally valuable.


Furthermore, with low cost airlines, like “vuelos VivaAerobus” in Mexico, Vueling in Spain or Ryanair in many European countries, travelling to foreign lands has never been cheaper.

There is only one possible inconvenient with this kind of trip; the famous and always uncomfortable jetlag. That name has been given to the weird mixture of fatigue, confusion, irritability and occasional dizziness that overcomes you when traveling within different time zones. You can lose a whole day of vacations due to the discomfort that jetlag causes. One may be too tired to go out in the morning and suffer a night of insomnia, and if that continues, you will feel almost as bad the next day.

The good news is that some preventive measures can help you to avoid this problem. Here are some tips to follow before, during and after the plane trip.

Before boarding the plane

  • Wear comfortable clothes.
  • Arrive to the airport with plenty of time before your departure. Thus you will be more relaxed and prepared to rest during the flight.
  • Have a light and nutritious lunch.


During the flight

  • Entertain yourself with a relaxing activity. You may read, listen to music, watch a movie or whatever that helps you to enjoy the flight.
  • If you are on a late flight, try to have your normal sleep hours. I know that normality is hard to achieve, when you are on a plane with another hundred people, but you can use devices such as earplugs and a mask to avoid light.
  • Drink plenty of cold water, so you won’t suffer dehydration, but avoid ice and coffee.
  • Stretch your legs and arms when you can and feel the need to do so. Make gentle circular movements with your neck and ankles and walk, if you feel to do so.

After the flight (at your arrival)

  • Adjust your watch and your devices (like cell phone and tablet), the minute after landing, so you will have an immediate idea of the local time. Try not to wonder what time may be at the place of your departure.
  • If you arrive during the day, take a shower and engage in some pleasant activities; go out for a walk, have lunch in a nice place, go shopping. Remain awake for as long as you can. If you arrive at night, try to sleep or at least rest, even if you don’t feel tired.
  • Wake up with the sun the next day, do some exercise, like swimming in the hotel’s pool, and have a good breakfast, to start the day with lots of energy.

If you are a frequent traveller or have a really hard time with jetlag every time you cross time zones, ask for medical advice. Melatonin is a natural substance that helps to adjust the sleep and wake cycle, but you should take it under medical advice.

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Azteca, the Great Giant

Mexico City is a place where many centuries have left their footprint in the shape of monuments, fountains and even castles. Yet there is a giant who sleeps and wakens like a hungry titan when the games begin, that is the Azteca stadium.


The Azteca is a colossal superstructure that can hosts over 102, 963 (One hundred and two thousand, nine hundred and two) spectators. It has held two world cups and it was the birthplace of Maradona’s   “Mano de Dios”.

I have had the privilege of being there countless times both in the stadium seats and in the field itself and I can tell you that when the stadium is full you have to scream with all the might of your lungs to the person standing next to you in order to be heard.

The Azteca is home to the Club America, one of the most loved and heated teams in all of Mexico.

The Azteca not only hosts football games but also concerts and other grand events such as some of his Holiness the Pope’s visits to Mexico.

That being said it is only natural to feel tremendous pride as a citizen of Mexico to be able to have such giant within the walls of our city.

Now that you know, dear reader, what the great Azteca means to the people of Mexico as well as to anyone interested in football you will understand with ease what I’m going to tell you.

One night when watching television after work I saw, by chance, a small article on the newspaper with the title stadium seats for sale.

I read a little more carefully and saw that it was in the Azteca where the stadium seats were for sale.


Things were going well at our company so I thought to myself that famous, deadly or life changing question, Why not?

The Azteca is divided into the stadium seats rows and that of the boxes belonging to the most powerful and influent in the country.

The seats being offered were in one of the boxes belonging to an old man that seldom goes to the stadium.

I thus reasoned that if I could somehow assemble a team of friends to join capital to buy the six seats being offered it would be a win-win situation, for we could enjoy the great games and shows offered by the gigantic stadium as well as to meet future potential clients.

I thus spoke to many friends and I got four of them to buy with me those six seats that would make our life a lot spicier.

It all turned out to be fantastic and we are all delighted with our purchase.

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If Cuba Opens Her Doors

Cuba and the United states have had ill bilateral relations since the 1960s, when Fidel Castro and his men brought Batista down from power and installed a communist regime that still stands today.

In the year of 1962 Cuba invited the Soviet Union to install nuclear warheads in the island in order to guarantee Cuba’s safety as well as a response for the American missiles placed in Europe and Turkey surrounding the Soviet Union completely.


The crisis lasted for thirteen days during which time the destiny of the world was at stake, for if those missiles had detonated the world and humanity would have ceased to exist.

Today there are talks of lifting the trade embargo imposed by the United States to Cuba, a fact that would greatly improve Cuba’s economy.

Cuba on the other hand is talking about improving human rights in the island and possibly even opens her frontiers to the world.

However the question still stands weather or not Cuba would benefit from such a drastic change.

It is said that all events follow patterns and that everything happening it is because a pattern is in process.

If this be so, then, if Cuba were to open her borders and communism were to stand down, then Cuba would undergo at least ten years of misery and want as it happened to the ex Soviet Union.


People in Cuba don’t know how to make business and they do not know how to make a living without father communism.

Hunger and disease would spread, as prostitution would reach astronomical rates.

Healthcare would be another issue as it would no longer be free and many people would suffer and die because of it.

In a fifteen to twenty year span things would begin to change, as industrial real estate for lease would be in every beach in the Island of Cuba given its beautiful coasts.

Tourism would create jobs and opportunities for many Cubans and the sugar industry of the island would reach important numbers.

It would certainly be a hazardous process to undergo yet in the long term it might be for the best.


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Talented individuals in isolation are no good

It is well known that isolation, both in a sociological and commercial standpoint, is the surest way for ruin.

Throughout history human welfare has been dictated by the ability for different groups to communicate.


In Roman times people lived very happily because for the very first time, people from all over the empire were inter connected by a network of roads. This meant that they could interact freely across many thousands of miles creating new opportunities for the growth and wealth of the average citizen.

When the Roman Empire fell by the hands of the barbarians the entire world sank into obscurity. The barbarian destroyed all roads and aqueducts that had interconnected the known world so efficiently and a long night that would last for more than seven hundred years would dawn on the world.

Medieval times would later be known as the “Dark Ages” precisely because of their village’s inability to connect with a town and a town with a city. Soon people began to develop superstitions of witches and wizards who lurked the dark forests of Europe.

It was not until the enlightenment when an efficient network of roads was again built, creating new possibilities for kingdoms to trade and increase wealth.

The middle of the 19th century railroads were massively built by the great railroad industry and the world became a web of countries who could interact, trade and even fight with each other in an entire different way.


Now on days we are in what appears to be a new era, a second industrial revolution, where innovation and creation of business has hit the stars and is heading for Mars.

The Internet has become an entrepreneur’s best work tool and weapon for the conquest of the market. It is now possible to communicate the wonders of your product to the most remote countries in the world if they have a simple connection.

The web has become a giant newspaper where one can advertise one’s services and communicate immediately.

Social networks have become a necessity for anyone who wishes to have influences all over the world.

There are also applications or “Apps” that can literarily solve one’s life or at least make it much simpler.

Apps such as Brandish, where you can receive daily information on your hobbies; Waze, where you will never get lost wherever you are; WhatApp, where you can message your friends for free all over the world and many others really make life much easier.

That is why, dear reader, if you want to stay in business you have to look into the future and avoid isolation at all costs.

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Welcome to JVC

If you love outdoor activities as much as us, you should know that taking part in an excursion is not just going outside and wandering around the nearest park.

As we have learned in JVC Excursions, traveling around natural environments requires plans, skills, special equipment and lots of responsibility. Only after having realized that, one is ready for his or her first natural experience in the wilderness.

For those who are eager to go into adventure trips or ecotourism, here are some basic lessons that our experiences have taught us:

  1. Plan ahead

By planning we don’t just mean buying tickets and booking a hostel. You have to make some research and learn as much as you can about the place you are visiting, in order to know what to expect and what will you need to take. One may thing that this will take away all the joys of discovery, but that’s not true. You learn and plan to have the best possible expedition and to be prepared to surmount possible obstacles. And, believe us, any picture or film about the place you want to go can be compared with the astonishing experience of being there.

  1. Get expert advice

Whether you have some experience in hiking or having your first excursion, you will always benefit from the advice of the wiser. If it is your first trip of this sort and you are going into a completely unknown territory, you must definitely hire a professional guide.

  1. Practice team work

Now that you have left behind the idea of the lonely explorer, at least until you gain more experience, you should that excursions give great opportunities to develop your team work skills. You will need to collaborate with your group and care for every member, in order to enjoy the experience and be safe.

  1. Be respectful with the environment

Never forget, when visiting a natural environment, that you are a guest and observer. You are there to enjoy and admire all the beauty, not to take something with you or to interfere with the living organisms that have their home there.

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