Top At-Home Tools You Can Use to Unclog or Clean Your Drain 

Try DIY PlumbingProcedure Using a Drain Snake 

This is one tool you might not have on hand yet, however, should gunk accumulation or clogged drains be a common issue in your house, then a plumber’s drain snake is certainly helpful. As a matter of fact, these tools are what experienced and professional plumbing service providers often use in order to excavate drain pipes and relieve standard clogs and can also be found at a local home improvement store or hardware for a very affordable price – around $20 to $50 – which can also return on its investment just after a single use. 

Unclog or Clean Your Drain
In addition to that, while you might think that these tools for cleaning and unclogging drains can only be used properly by professionals and well-trained individuals, the truth is that nowadays, homeowners have increasingly started using the plumber’s snake techniques in order to clean and unclog their own drains at home. Certainly, do it yourself drain snaking procedures are easy and efficient. 

  •  Start by feeding the drain snake through the pipes of your drain, turning its handle in a clockwise motion until you encounter resistance. 
  • After that, rotate the drain snake against the pipe’s blockage so that the snake will latch onto any clogged materials down the pipe. 
  • Slowly pull the snake out from your drain, removing any clogged material, as well as reassemble the cover of your drain. 

Just like that, the clog problems of your drain can surely be eliminated entirely without having to call in a trained and professional plumber for help. However, should you encounter any problem while doing this and the problem worsen, it’s best that you ask the help of a professional 24 hour plumber in Erie PA. 

Drain Clogs and Sugared Sodas

This cleaning trick for unclogging your drain is usually overlooked because of its strangeness. However, it is very unconventional and it basically happens to work out. As a matter of fact, sugary sodas and soft drinks like Coca-Cola and Pepsi products, can help a lot in resolving common clogs of drains much like all the homemade solutions that we have mentioned in this blog. 

Just like the vinegar solutions and the baking soda, soda application is also significantly safer compared to commercial drain cleaners. In addition to that, it can also break through any clogged debris because of the dissolving agents that are included in these soft drinks, most especially the phosphoric acid. Surprisingly, these agents might even be more efficient and effective compared to commercial, chemical-based drain cleaners. And, it just goes to show that when talking about the effectiveness and efficiency of cleaning or unclogging drains, sometimes the best ones you can use are the unconventional solutions. 

While you can certainly try to unclog or clear your drain from any debris in order to bring back it’s optimal working condition, there’s still a big possibility that the job will not be done right and you may still need to use the professional services of a skilled plumbing service provider. 

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